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In Leskovac, through history many famous people that contributed to the fame of the city and the environment in which they lived and worked were distinguished. As it happens nowadays, that happened through history as well.

Among the people who continue to spread the fame of the city in which they live is even Dr Miodrag Stojkovic, a world-renowned geneticist who obtained permission of the British Government to be the first in Europe and even in the western world who would start with obtaining human embryonic stem cells from the so-called cloned embryos. There are also many music bands and singers from Leskovac who represent the temperament of southern Serbia in the best possible way.

Among them the most famous are Toma Zdravkovic, Luis, Amadeus band, Ana Radosavljevic, Darko Flipovic, Slobodan Batjarevic Cobe, Stevan Andjelkovic.

Famous people from Leskovac

  • Nikola Skobaljic,the Duke of Djurdj Brankovic, in 1454, at Spa he defeated the Turkish army.
  • Ilija Petrovic Strelja, one of the most prominent Karadjordjevic’s dukes, the leader of Leskovac uprising in 1807.
  • Sima Bunic, an actor, director, playwright and scenographer.
  • Sreten Dunic, an educator, publicist and writer.
  • Mihajlo Nikolic- Sikicka, a respectable trader, president of Leskovac District, founder and manager of the Trade School and the president of Leskovac Trade Youth.
  • Zak Konfino, a writer, doctor and translator.
  • Sergije Dimitrijevic, Doctor of Laws, writer, historiographer
  • Драгутин Ђорђевић,an archpriest and ethnographer
  • Jovan Jovanovic, a lawyer, publicist, demographer, anthropologist
  • Milivoje Perovic, Doctor of Laws, journalist and writer
  • Dobrivoje Kapisazovic, a poet, playwright, narrator and humorist.
  • Dragoljub Trajkovic, a lawyer, historiographer, writer, chronicler
  • Jovan Popovic, a painter
  • Zvonko Maric, an academician, physicist
  • Bozidar Djordjevic –Kukar, an industrialist and founder of the Factory of Chemical Industry- Zdravlje-Actavis
  • Borislav Zdravkovic, a poet and theater critic
  • Tomislav N. Cvetkovic, a poet, narrator and playwright.
  • Nikolaj Timcenko, a philosopher and literary critic
  • Miodrag Stojkovic, a well-known geneticist
  • Gmitar Obradovic, a painter (1935-2008)

The two people from Leskovac were found on the list of 204 most deserving citizens in Serbia in May, 2008.

  • Alexander Petrovic, a postgraduate student at Oxford
  • Goran Todorovic, a parachutist elder of the Serbian Army

Famous people from Leskovac

  • Toma Zdravkovic, a folk singer, a bohemian
  • Ljubisa Stojanovic Luis, a singer
  • Amadeus Band, pop band
  • Sloboda Micalovic, an actress
  • Novica Zdravkovic, a folk singer and the brother of Toma Zdravkovic
  • Aleksandra Radosavljevic, a singer who won the second place on the competition Serbian Pop Idol
  • Darko Flipovic, a singer
  • Stevan Andjelkovic, a singer
  • Slobodan Batjarevic Cobe, a singer
  • Milan Dincic Dinca, a singer
  • Katarina Zivkovic Kaca, a singer
  • Alexander Randjelovic, a singer

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