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The geographic position of the city is 42°52' latitude North and 21°57' longitude East.

The geographic and traffic position of the Valley of Leskovac is very good. Leskovac is a transit center. Not only very important international roads pass through Leskovac, but also minor roads. The main road connects Western and Middle Europe with Macedony, Greece and Asia Minor.

To the west, along the valley of Jablanica there is a road connecting the valley of Leskovac with the valley of Kosovo (the road Leskovac-Lebane-Medvedja-Pristina).

Via the valley of the Vlasina and Luznica it is connected with the gorge of Pirot, whereas via the valley of the Vlasina with Vlasina and Krajiste, in other words Bulgaria.

In the heart of the spacious and fertile Leskovian valley, fifty kilometres long and forty five kilometres wide, at the foot of the hill named Hisar, in the central part of the valley, lies the city of Leskovac. The Veternica River passes through Leskovac.

The River Južna (South) Morava passes through the middle of the municipality, and the largest tributaries and most important waterways are: Veternica, Jablanica, Vučjanka, the River Pusta (deserted), and the River Rupska. Leskovac is also surrounded by three artificial lakes, Brestovačko, Barje (reservoir for the water supply of the city), and Vlasinsko Lake.

According to the latest census, the population in Leskovac (in 144 settlements and the city itself) is 162,000. In terms of the number of settlements, the municipality of Leskovac is the most dotted in Serbia. The population per square meter is 158 inhabitants. After Niš, the city of Leskovac with 73,030 inhabitants (according to the census of 2002, including suburban settlements) is the largest in the south of Serbia.  The average annual temperature is 11.3° C

Leskovac lies at the altitude of 228m above sea level, situated along with the additional 300 settlements in the fertile valley which covers 2250 sq. meters, and once formed part of the Panonian Sea. The valley is surrounded by Mt. Radan (1409m alt.), Mt. Goljak and Mt. Pasjača to the west, Mt. Kukavica (Coward) (1422m alt.) and Mt. Čemernik (1638m alt.) to the south, and the Babić mountain range (1089m alt.), Mt. Seličevica (903m alt.) and Suva (Dry) Mountain to the east. To the north it borders with the Valley of Niš, and to the south through the Gorge of Grdelica with Vranje-Bujanovac Valley.

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