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Electronic services of the city of Leskovac.

Virtual registrar for abroad

Request a document from abroad. Fill in the form and submit the application form for the issuance for excerpts and certificates from the Register of births and the Register of Citizenship Certificate of the City of Leskovac.


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Ask the mayor

On this page you can ask the mayor a question. This service is designed so that you can ask a question, comment or give a suggestion to the mayor concerning the scope of his work.

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Unified procedure

A unified procedure is a procedure or a set of procedures in the field of construction performed by the City Administration ex officio, on behalf of and for the account of customers, by obtaining the necessary conditions and documents from state and local public companies entrusted with public authorities.

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City of Leskovac


  Pana Djukica 9-11
16 000 Leskovac, Serbia
   016/200-804, 016/200-807
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