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Potential for the development of hunting tourism in the municipality of Leskovac lies in the Kukavica Mountain, which is positioned between the Vranje Gorge to the south, the Grdelička Gorge to the east, and the Veternica valley, and with its highest peak Vlajna at 1441 m above sea level. Within these confines, it encompasses an area of 587 sq km. The Kukavica Mountain has natural conditions for the development of mountain and hunting tourism, having in mind the abundance of hunting game, the most important of which are wild boar and roe deer game. Other kinds of game and birds, as well as the presence of predators, dominate in these expanses.

They are managed by the public company "Srbija Šume" by way of the established "Kukavica" hunting grounds, situated at an altitude of 1360 m above sea level.

The average density of game is as follows:

  • roe deer - 0.35 heads per 100 hectares
  • gray partridge - 10.44 heads per 100 hectares
  • wild boar - 0.20 heads per 100 hectares
  • hare - 9.28 heads per 100 hectares
  • pheasant - 6.57 heads per 100 hectares

There are six hunting grounds on the territory of the Leskovac municipality, with a total area of hunting compound of 101,035 hectares. The area where hunting is permitted is 89,103 hectares.

In all the hunting grounds combined, there are eight shelters for pheasants, 3,589 sq m in area, and 170 hatcheries for other feathered game, 620 sq m in area. Sixty-five nurseries for hairy game have been built, totaling an area of 839 sq m.


The fishing grounds on the territory of the Leskovac municipality are used for both leisure and commercial fishing, as well as for the conservation on natural resources and the environment.

The fishing waters of this region are as follow:

  • The Južna Morava River, in its entire course through the Leskovac Municipality. It abounds in fish: nose carp, pike, chub, catfish, sheatfish, bream, carp, asp, perch, gudgeon, barbel. Nose carp and carp are the most plentiful.
  • The Vučjanka River has barbel and trout in the upper course.
  • The Veternica River has barbel, chub, and nose carp.
  • The Jablanica River has barbel, chub, and gudgeon.
  • The Barje Lake, 30 km from Leskovac, has perch, pike, chub, and carp.
  • The Brestovačko Lake is rich in carp, sheatfish, chub, carp, and bream
  • The Slavujevačko Lake has plenty of carp, and white fish

In the piedmont of the Kukavica mountain, there once were the Jovačka Lakes (more than 10 in number). They disappeared in a massive landslide, and a place of great beauty was created in their stead, unmatched anywhere in the region. At the present, numerous fishermen from Serbia and abroad swarm the surrounding of the lakes at weekends, yet a huge potential remains untapped.

Apart from these larger lakes, fishermen may want to spend time at the ponds and swamps by the Južna Morava river: the Dobrotinska, Grabovnička, Jajinska, Bogojevačka, Lakošnička, Lipovačka, and Brestovačka ponds.

There they can do for carp and pike. Carp can also be caught at the Lokošnička, Lipovička, Bogojevačka, Grabonička, and Jajinska ponds, where they can also catch sheatfish and amur (carp).

Bird habitats

Bird habitats vary a great deal in type, and geography. Of the many, we can point out the following: the City of Leskovac as a specific environment for bird life; the ponds and swamps of the Valley of Leskovac: the Lipovička, Lokošnička, Bogojevačka, and Dobrotinska ponds; the ponds of masonry clay strip mines: the Jajinska and Grabovnička ponds; irrigation reservoirs and potable water accumulation reservoirs:  the Barje and Presečina lakes, and the Leskovac and Vučje plantations; gorges: Grdelička and Vučjanska; river courses: the Pusta, Jablanica, Veternica, and Vlasina rivers as tributaries of the Južna Morava river, and mountains in closer or further proximity to Leskovac: the Kukavica, Babička gora, Radan, Ostrozub, Čemernik and Suva mountains, as the roof of the Leskovac region.

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