The city of Leskovac was awarded on the Danube business forum. This time Leskovac received the Danube Captain Charter in the category The most famous gastro manifestation of the region, for the organization of Leskovac Rostiljijada.

The Charter on the eighth Danube business forum, held yesterday in the Master centre in Novi sad, was handed to the mayor of Leskovac, Goran Cvetanovic, Phd. The eighth Danube business forum was held with the support of Regional chamber of commerce and organized by Media event, Union of employers of Serbia and the Institute of European regions from Salzburg.

The mayor received the Charter which evidences that the present results of work and connection of people, ideas and markets in the Jablanica District and Serbia are highly valued, in addition to development perspective of the city of Leskovac.

Mayor Cvetanovic expressed his gratitude and satisfaction with the fact that Leskovac received such an award once again. Leskovac was awarded with Danube captain Charter in the category smart cities “Golden key” and “Captain Misa Anastasijevic”.