Today at 8 o’clock, the second store of the company Delez Serbia – Maxi was officially opened in the centre of Leskovac on the first floor of Bagat.

This store, which added 26 persons to the existing list of employed people on the territory of Leskovac, occupies the area of approximately 500 square meters. The Mayor of Leskovac, Goran Cvetanovic, PhD and his associates visited the store in order to express their support to Delez company and its representatives.

On the occasion, the store manager Mirko Stojkovic, addressed the visitors and said that citizens can seize the opportunity and buy a number of products on discounts up to 50%. He said that the discounts are available on weekly and 2-week basis and pointed out that the meat department, bakery and fruit and vegetable market boast of high quality, fresh goods, whereby meat is delivered every day, fresh and warm pastry is available even after 6 o’clock p.m.

Dragan Dokic, the representative of Delez company, represented the colleagues from Leskovac who will be in charge of this object and expressed his gratitude to the city of Leskovac and mayor for the support and cooperation.