The mayor of Leskovac, Goran Cvetanovic Phd, in assistance with his colleagues, organized a meeting with all the interested entrepreneurs which had the opportunity to express their suggestions, problems and necessities.

On this occasion, while addressing the company owners, the mayor Cvetanovic reminded that the city of Leskovac possesses the certificate for a local self-government with a business friendly environment with 92.4% of criteria fulfilled. Furthermore, he marked the meeting as the proof of the owners’ trust in the local self-government which stimulates the economic potentials of the city.

„We are open for everything. For foreign investors who invest millions of euro in Leskovac and employ hundreds of our citizens. We are open for our citizens, and wish to help them to recognize Leskovac as their partner in developing their business. Economy is based on small and medium companies, and that is the reason for opening our door to you to familiarize with your business. You are witnesses that we are making a lot of effort to meet your needs and we want to help anyone who wants to bring about to the economy of the city, we want to cooperate with you, within the scope of our business”- Cvetanovic said today.

The company owners expressed their satisfaction with their successful cooperation with the city. They talked about their intentions of broadening their production and sale capacities, they expressed some demands which will be taken into account.